Paragon Partners


Our Partners

Not every Defender is a Paragon. Not every company or brand is a Paragon in its channel. We strive to seek out like-minded partners, who strive for perfection and offer something to our clients that is unique. Read more, and please go give our partners a follow. We want you to know we've got you covered in every way as part of the Paragon family.

The Preserve at Dundee

We are proud to call the Dundee property our partner for a Paragon Experience - from test drives through the grounds and streams, to farm-to-table meals, it's an ideal setting. Built between 1810 and 1820, historical Dundee was the home of General JEB Stuart’s cousins. During the Civil War, General Stuart and his wife lived in the large manor. The property was a camping ground for both armies and Dundee shows marks by bullets from both sides. In the 1990’s the farm underwent a three year transformation, restored to its original splendor by the Barrett family.

Sarek Autowerke

Paragon is proud to partner with Sarek for a myriad of reasons. Upon arrival of your Paragon Defender, Sarek will provide a full systems check and inspection. We want you to know that even after it's completed, we want a partner like Sarek to provide an additional level of inspection. Not just anyone can work on these vehicles and do a quality job. Specialized factory training and numerous years of single manufacturer experience are what we value. Only with this level of training and experience can we provide you with unmatched peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in the best hands. Sarek is one of the top independent Land Rover service centers on the East Coast.

Maluna Coolers

In keeping with our standards, we want to partner with the ABSOLUTE best - whether it be service, a product or brand. Maluna certainly fits the model. In a few short weeks, the Paragon Maluna cooler will be for sale in our store! The Maluna Unhinged Cooler features an innovative, patent-pending design that allows full perimeter tensioning for the ultimate performance. Thermal chamber testing shows the Unhinged Cooler outperforming the leading competition by more than 20%.