The Build Process

The Build Process

The Paragon Way is to deliver ultimate transparency about your build from start to finish. Throughout your build, we update you with a detailed description of what's going on, including images and physical material samples, so that you can see all stages of the work in progress. We believe that half of the fun of building a Paragon Defender is watching it go from its dirty beginning to becoming a Paragon.


Over ninety steps, some larger than others, thousands of hours, and dozens of passionate, talented hands - go into our 10 month Paragon Defender build. To list all of the steps would keep you bogged down in the minute details, so we have highlighted the key and exciting components.

  • We strip down your Paragon to bare bones - think empty canvas.
  • We sort, label, and inventory every part, sandblasting all possible pieces to keep as much of the originals intact - we believe in saving every inch of these fantastic mechanical components.
  • We hot dip galvanize the chassis and parts, which is only one, but an essential thing that sets us apart from competitors. Most companies will etch and paint your chassis, which looks great in a garage. The galvanizing that we add works to protect the pieces from rust, which paint will not. Galvanized upgrades are just one of our signature pillars at Paragon.
  • All bodywork is corrected, or it is replaced (doors, bonnet, fenders, etc.).
  • We apply 8mm of soundproofing to EVERYTHING—the bulkhead, floor, tub, doors, roof, etc. The industry standard is 6mm, but we want to provide our customers with the quietest and most luxurious ride possible - we always go one step beyond!
  • Your entire electrical loom is completely redone, new. We DO NOT recycle old wires - for your safety.
  • Your custom interior is entirely designed from the dash, leather, stitch patterns, steering wheels, etc. - Remember this is YOUR Adventure - thoroughly unique and built to suit your passions.
  • Your 300Tdi engine, transmission, and gearbox, axles, driveshaft, etc., are entirely rebuilt.
  • All paintwork is completely frame-off, by piece, in a down-draft spray booth. We believe that perfection is the only acceptable option!
  • We reassemble the pieces with love, passion, and preciseness, make any necessary modifications and upgrades, and add accessories to enhance their uniqueness.
  • We thoroughly test everything.
  • We unveil it to you - off you go to begin your Paragon Adventure.

At Paragon, we take great care to go above and beyond to make your vehicle as unique as you. We add all the little upgrades to make your adventures as majestic and exceptional as the Defender that drives you there. When you choose Paragon, we become a team, working together every step of the way, ensuring things are done as you wish - from start to finish.